Friday, 26 April 2013

the style post | summer days

joni high waisted jeans - topshop | lace crop top - h&m | gold necklace - h&m

so these are the items i bought when i went shopping at the trafford centre on sunday.
i only realised when i got home that i'd bought pretty much a whole outfit and it actually looks pretty damn nice together, what are the chances!
i've wanted a pair of the lighter joni jeans from topshop for ages - i have a pair of black ones which i wore to death over winter! these are perfect for spring/summer as they are much stretchier and are made of a lighter material than the black ones, so it couldn't have worked out any better!
the only thing i would say is that lighter jeans aren't as flattering as darker ones and i can really tell in these pictures that my hips look huge haha! embrace the pear laura, embrace it!
the top is so lovely - i usually hate crop tops and getting my belly out but think it works really well with the high waisted jeans as only a little belly is peeking out! it has a keyhole back and will be a staple in my summer wardrobe. i think it will also look really lovely with my pom-pom shorts on nights out!