Saturday, 3 August 2013

the 'i heart summer' tag!

image - c/o katherine @ deviantart - image link
i've seen this tag flying around the youtube and blogging world recently and really wanted to do my part and create my own version of this tag - so let's get to it!

What's your favourite summer nail polish?
without a shadow of a doubt my favourite nail varnish for summer is the bourjois 1 second gel nail varnish in 'green fizz'. it's a bright green bordering on neon, but not quite, and i love this on both my hands and feet. i think it really offsets a tan and makes it stand out much more.

What is your favourite lip colour this summer?
i always love a red lip all year round but over summer i always want something a little lighter and easier to maintain in the heat. i really love kate moss's matte shade in '101' for rimmel which is a really lovely pastel-pink colour that reminds me of something from the 60s, and looks lovely with a tan. also, a lip balm with an spf is always a must!

Show us your favourite summer dress;
my favourite summer dress by FAR is this lovely golden dress by a company called Ribbon. it's such a dressy dress that i think would be perfect for a summer wedding or prom do that happen over summer, but i don't wear it too much as it is so dressy and booby (i hate getting boobs out!) that i save it for nicer and more formal occasions, but i really do love this bad boy.

What is your favourite summer accessory?
this one was easy as it is two bracelets i bought recently in portugal - an infinity bracelet and a hamsa hand bracelet which i think look really lovely paired together, and they are even more perfect because they were actually bought over summer whilst on holiday! 

What summer trends are you most excited about this year?
definitely crop tops - i have always loved high-waisted jeans, skirts and shorts but was getting bored of tucking tops in so was really happy when crop tops became popular - wear them so often nowadays that they are a staple in my wardrobe!

What is your favourite summer candle?
i'm not really one for candles and don't have many branded candles anyway, never mind having them lit throughout summer. i generally light them during winter as they create a really cosy and homely environment.

What is your favourite perfume for summer?
taj sunset by escada - i have already written a post on this perfume that you can read here, and i really believe that this perfume is perfect for summer!

What is your favourite thing about summer?
definitely being able to take time off from uni and work and spend time with friends and family on holidays and at home. i absolutely love it when you can walk to the pub, buy a cold drink of kopperburg and then sit outside watching the sunset (how camp!)

so there we go, there's my version of this tag - i cut some of the questions and changed them a little as i didn't want it to drag but i hope you liked reading this none the less! 

will you be having a go at this tag?
what did you think of my answers?