Thursday, 13 February 2014

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L-R: Riotously Pink | Seriously Purple | White Base | Formidably Orange | Ridiculously Yellow
For Christmas my lovely mother got me this set of neon nail polishes from OPI. I always get some sort of nail varnish for Christmas and am always excited to see what's coming next. This particular set screams spring/summer at me as everyone knows that as soon as the sun comes out we're looking at pastels or neons. 

The set contains 4 different neon shades, a white base and a clear top coat all in OPI's trademark shade but travel-sized.

To begin, you need to paint the nails with the white base coat. This goes on pretty patchy to begin with and in the end I used three coats to make it bold and opaque. This is obviously pretty time consuming so you need a LOT of time spare to use this set. This white base is really lovely though - goes on smoothly and dries in a quite speedy time. I love to wear white polish on it's own as well so it's great for this too.

I then painted on two coats of each of the neon shades. These dry matte on their own which look quite pretty, or you can add the top coat once dry.

Ridiculously Yellow | This is a banana-yellow shade that I personally think is the least wearable. I always think that any yellow polish that isn't pastel can look garish and can stain your nails - but with the base coat you can get away with it. Not my favourite shade but is definitely bright and summery.
Seriously Purple | This is the darkest shade so is much easier to get an opaque finish. Its definitely a more muted neon shade, and is more rich and warm purple. This is the one I'd lean to in the colder months as it isn't as in your face as the rest.
Formidably Orange | This is by far my favourite shade of the collection - a punchy red/orange that takes me back to Ibiza and party holidays. I cannot wait to wear this all through summer.
Riotously Pink | This is my second favourite of the set, as you can never go wrong with a hot pink. This is such a beautiful and eye-catching colour and not like anything in my collection. 

I really do love this set and think I'll get a lot of use out of it. The only negatives I could find was obviously how time consuming it was - I didn't five layers on each nail overall - and the fact that some of the white base can sometimes show around the edges.

But the colours of each polish and the quality that OPI is known for more than make up for it. I'm super happy with these polishes and they will definitely be making an appearance on my nails all through summer!

What do you think?
Do you have a favourite nail polish for summer?

The OPI Outrageous Neons set can be bought from Beauty Bay for £13.62.

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