Friday, 7 March 2014

style | whole new look

top || New Look (in the sale!)
scarf || ASOS (personalised)
lion necklace || New Look
heart necklace || gift
'take me down' anchor necklace || Me and Zena

I'm sure regular readers of Laura Loves That took one look at these pictures and went 'a whole new look? nothing's changed!'. Well actually the title of this post refers to the possibly sad fact that literally my entire outfit is from New Look.

I said in a recent post that New Look is currently killing it for me, and is full of so many pieces that I would happily wear. It's a brand that I once thought of as mumsy and really safe, but the past couple of seasons have really shown New Look amping up the fashion stakes and coming out with some affordable yet stylish pieces.

Take this top for example: I actually got it in the sale New Look is currently having (check it out - it's such an amazing sale!) for just £8. It's from the tall section and falls at a really lovely place on my own body. It's also made of that weird waffle material, which I think makes it look so expensive and like you've made a little more effort. Details like the gold zip to the back and the different hem make me really love this. 

I wore it with my favourite pants of the moment - the disco ones I got a couple of months ago. I really love these but sadly there's a little bit of stretching appearing in the butt area and I have a feeling they will be going wither saggy or see through pretty soon! I do wear them to death though, so I can't really complain. 

The scarf from ASOS was actually a snood when I bought it a couple of years ago. You can tell from these pictures just how huge it is and I never actually wore it as a snood as it was literally like a neck brace and I could barely see my feet when I wore it. I asked my gran if she could turn it into a scarf all voila, these are the results. I love it!

What do you think? 
Do you think New Look has got a lot more fashionable recently?