Friday, 6 June 2014

style | Michael Kors 'Bradshaw'

It was recently my 21st birthday and I received this watch off my parents as a gift. I've never had a 'proper' watch before (maybe a Swatch watch or two when I was younger) and have gotten so used to using my phone as a clock that I never really felt the need for one.

But a couple of months ago my parents told me that they wanted to get me something for my 21st that would always remind me of my special birthday and I decided that a watch would be the way to go. After much searching I finally decided upon the 'Bradshaw' watch by Michael Kors in gold.

It's such a beautiful and eye-catching watch and I cannot get over how pretty it is. It's also on the heavy side which I think shows the quality of the watch itself. Something else I found pretty impressive is that you could actually go deep sea diving in this watch and it wouldn't break - but take my word for it as I can assure you I won't be testing that theory out!!

Overall I am so in love with this watch and I've definitely loved being able to tell the time when I haven't got my phone to hand!

Do you like the Michael Kors watches? Do you have one yourself?

My parents bought this particular watch from Leslie Davis, but the MK watches can also be bought directly from the Michael Kors website.