Tuesday, 19 August 2014

style | River Island wishlist

I'll be honest, I've never really been a fan of River Island. I always found them to be way too girly and over the top for me, but all that has changed in the past year or so. I actually find their clothes to be really lovely and right up my street nowadays - they seem to be much more minimalist and just my cup of tea. 

But sadly I'm on a mini spending ban at the minute (too many holidays, not enough shifts at work) so instead of buying clothes from RI, let's just wish about them..

How beautiful?! These light pink pumps have gold detailing on the tiny heel and mock-croc on the toe. Just so classic and easy to wear - although I'd have to see these in person because for £20, I'd hope they'd be really hard-wearing and well made!

Oh, I've wanted one of these babies for so long - I've even gone into the store a few times to try one on and yet I've never got round to buying it! It's really lovely, made out of a quality material and just really easy to wear. I've also got my eye on the cream one - which is surprisingly not see through - which is good for us!

Definitely a bit of a splurge, but I always think that you really pay for the quality in chelsea boots - especially ones that you'll be wearing for the whole of autumn/winter. These are just the classic style which I'm really loving at the moment.

These are cigarette trousers - and I love the print of them - it isn't too in your face and would look lovely with a few of the other pieces I've picked out in this wishlist. I could actually create a beautiful outfit couldn't I! So yep - structured trousers which I think are great for the next few seasons.

I'm not a big fan of skater dresses but this one really caught my eye - I just think it's really classy and easy to dress up or down. Just very pretty and my favourite dress from the site.

And finally, my favourite piece from this wishlist: how beautiful is this jacket?! I've always loved two tone jackets and textured leather details, and I think this jacket is just so classy and understated. Must. Hold. Back. From. Online. Shopping.

What's your favourite piece from this wishlist? Do you like RI?