Thursday, 11 December 2014

beauty | Laura Mercier foundation primer - 'Radiance'


I blame this purchase on the beautiful Lily Melrose. I was watching one of her GRWM videos on Youtube and saw her use the Laura Mercier radiance primer - and afterwards her face literally glowed (in a nice way).

Cue me heading down to the LM stand in Selfridges and picking one up myself. I decided to go for the smaller version, just in case I didn't like it on myself. It was £18 which I find so reasonable because it really does last a lifetime - I got this a good six months ago (maybe even more!) and I'm not even half way through yet.

The product itself is very liquid and blendable, and has a pink/nude tone to it. It's got a slight sheen to it as well, which obviously gives the skin the glow of radiance. 

I like to mix a blob of this with a blob of my foundation whenever I go on a night out and do a full face of makeup. It leaves a beautiful glow to my skin which looks totally natural - look at the swatch of it blended above, where it just looks like skin. But when the particles hit the light, it really gives an illuminating glow to the skin.

I look perked up and my skin has a 'lit from within' glow to it. Overall, I'm bloody impressed with this primer, it adds so much to the skin, lasts a lifetime and only costs a little more than your basic drugstore primer.

Have you tried this primer? What did you think?

PS; are we all loving the background in these recent pictures? I bloody love this fluffy jumper from Topshop!