Tuesday, 16 April 2013

the generic awkward first post

hello there blogosphere!
first post on my brand-spanking-new blog, i could almost shed a tear..
i actually almost did seen as i have spent the bext part of an hour or two sorting out my blog layout and header - it's not the best but i'm sure it will do for now.
i decided to start writing a blog to fill out the cliche of literally almost every blogger - the teenage/20-something student studying journalism and wanting somewhere to write her own stuff without being marked or controlled!

so basically, this is just a platform for me to write about anything i want - mostly fashion, beauty and lifestyle hopefully (the cliches keep coming thick and fast!) with reviews, hauls and all that shizzle.

a bit about me.. i'm 19 (nearly 20!) and studying journalism and english literature. i have two cats who will definitely probably crop up on here every now and again (if you went near my facebook or instagram you'd recognise pretty quickly how much of a cat lady i am) and am living up in the north west of england where the weather is shit making me live in tights and trousers 99% of the time!

if you fancy please leave your blogs below so i can go follow you lovely people and all that jazz, i look forward to meeting/chatting/socialising with you all!