Tuesday, 23 April 2013

the style post | no frills

shirt - asos | pom pom shorts - asos | necklace  - primark | lips: rimmel apocolips - luna
just showing my most recent purchases from asos! i went on looking in the sale, but found myself buying two things that weren't even in the sale! typical! when i put this on, it does remind me slightly of the clothes i wore to college but i really love all the extra detailing that both the shirt and shorts have.
the shirt isn't overly-sheer (thank god - pet hate!) and is loose fitting, so looks lovely tucked in to shirts/skirts/jeans/literally everything. the website says it has 'bubble-hem' sleeves, which i don't think is really the case, as you can tell from the pictures that the sleeves aren't huge or poking out - they just have double material on them that doesn't really offer any extra effects and was pretty pointless in my opinion. but anyway! i have wanted just a plain white shirt for aaages, i have thousands of them in my wardrobe but shockingly, not a white one. this is slightly cream in colour, but i'm not too fussed.
the shorts are so lovely! sadly, my crappy camera skills don't show them off enough so definitely go check them out on the website to do them justice. they have little pom poms all the way around the bottom of the shorts, and i think that little detail will look so nice when i wear them without shorts (damn you cold weather!). i'm not really a shorts kinda girl (camel toe anyone?! didn't think so!) but these definitely made the cut for me!
the necklace is just something to make the outfit that bit more exciting and not as school-like, and was a bargain at £4 from primark.
hope you like!

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