Saturday, 20 April 2013

the lifestyle post | instagram catch-up

watching harry potter 7 | fudgey robbing my spot! | wavy fringe | new primark bedding

bling accessorising | love-in with the cat | summer raf ball | coffee o'clock
i absolutely love instagram - hello flawless skin etc.! - so have decided to make this a regular thing on my blog, just a catch up and way to remind me what i did with my week! i also have dry spells when i don't use instagram at all so doing this will urge me to use it more often.
on another note i went out last night in a spur of the moment thing with a few friends. i had a lovely time but ohmygosh am i feeling it now! i started work at half 7 this morning and i'm just sat here drinking my body weight in water!
definitely burning the candle at both ends, as they say!
hope you enjoy having a peek into my life every now and again! :-)
instagram: laurapratt_