Friday, 19 April 2013

the style post | floral dress

floral dress - love label@very // blazer - primark // black and gold belt - primark
floral socks - topshop // boots - new look
wearing such short dresses make my legs look so long!
i wore this outfit the other week to work, it's an outfit that i turn to in times of need - dress and blazer, boots and go! it's one of those outfits that you don't even have to think about, so effortless and yet put together which you can't complain about.
i got the dress a couple of years ago from my label obsession (and best kept secret) love label. you can order it online from either littlewoods or very and i am addicted to their clothes - all completely stylish but i can guarantee you never see anyone in the same piece of clothing as you!
the blazer is just lovely, a nice old peach colour from the stunning primark, great quality - lined, warm, cosy - and all for £7 - yep you read that right SEVEN ENGLISH POUNDS! it said £15 on the pricetag but the till never lies.. primark do that a lot with pricing, always being cheaper when you buy it, not that we're complaining.
the boots are so old and knackered that i really do need to throw them away and replace them but i haven't found any that i love yet! if anyone know where you can get a lovely pair of brown boots please let me know, desperate for some new ones! i had to pop on these socks from topshop as the boots have holes in so my tootsies get all cold, so needed an extra layer.

i seriously hate this wallpaper and carpet set-up i've got on my photos at the minute, but can't do anything until we get new doors in at home and then i can be back in my own room with a nice background! sorry for the tackiness of my photos, i can't apologise enough!

hope you're well,