Wednesday, 1 May 2013

the beauty post | Benefit R.S.V.P creaseless eyeshadow

today i'll be talking about a creaseless eyeshadow by benefit in the shade 'R.S.V.P'. i got this a little while ago in a giftset but never used it until recently, as I just passed it off as another boring old cream eyeshadow. and how wrong was i?! very, that's what.
'R.S.V.P' is a shimmery bronze shade that is very illuminating on the skin. as you can see from the swatch, it really catches the light and changes from bronze to silver very easily.
day to day i just wear this eyeshadow slicked over the lid, as you can see from the pictures. it is super quick and simple, and looks like i've spent much longer on my make up than i actually have!
for nighttime looks i generally use this as a primer for powder eyeshadows, such as those in my MUA palette. it really amps up golden eyeshadows and makes it last all night, much like the MAC primer pots.
quality-wise, this eyeshadow is amazing! it definitely lives up to its 'creaseless' promises and even better it lasts for so long - alone, it lasted for more than 12 hours on myself, even though my lids can get rather oily.
all in all i'm super impressed with this cream eyeshadow. it's a great all-rounder and worth every penny. when i eventually finish this pot i will be investing in another!

my pot was part of a giftset, and therefore is only 3.2g, whilst the normal pots are £15.50 for 4.5g.

IN OTHER NEWS completely unrelated,,
i can't believe this but i have been featured on after they liked one of my outfit posts! i can't believe it after i have only been blogging for a couple of weeks and it was so lovely to find out! thanks!