Wednesday, 12 June 2013

the beauty post | l'oreal matt & messy salt spray

l'oreal matt and messy salt spray - boots (£3.69)

i've never really been a person to use a lot of products in my hair. my usual routine is shampoo, conditioner and a bit of hair oil and that's it. i hardly straighten or curl my hair either, and usually leave it to do it's own thing. however, i've always loved how my hair feels after i have been in the sea and really enjoy having that unkempt, messy sort of hair do. (my sister even recently said to me that my hair only looks nice when i come back from the hairdressers because i never really brush my hair apart from when i'm there!)

So a few months ago i ventured out into the world of salt sprays and decided to see what the l'oreal matt and messy salt spray could do for me.

i first tried this spray in my damp just-out-of-the-shower hair and found it to have no effect whatsoever. i just threw the bottle to one side and decided it was just a useless concept that i didn't really need or get an effect from. i then found it again in my basket and decided to give it a whirl on dry hair and this is when i really started to see the difference from this spray. i sprayed a few pumps into my hair and then scrunched it (see picture above) so make the product get dispersed evenly.

i found straight away that my hair had more volume and looked messy and very beachy. i really love how the tops of my hair look quite clean and then the ends have a great texture from the spray. it also works really well if you curl or wave your hair and then use this afterwards as it makes the curls look more natural and lived-in, rather than perfect and uniform. 

the biggest thing that niggles me about this spray is the smell. it is such a weird fragrance that i can't really describe but when i have this product in my hair i constantly get whiffs of it and i'm not sure whether i really like it or not. 
i also don't think this product lasts very long in the hair, and i sometimes find i need to reapply after a few hours as i have lost some of the volume and texture. but then i find that putting even more product in my hair can make it become really crispy - like when you put too much hairspray on.

overall, i do quite like this spray and will definitely use up the bottle i currently have. also, in terms of price it really is work it as it is less than £4 at boots and does mainly what it says on the tin. i would say to steer clear if you want a spray that lasts a long amount of time but if you're a newbie into salt sprays then this one is a great place to start.