Sunday, 9 June 2013

the lifestyle post | instagram catch up

eyeliner flick! | very berry lips | confetti top coat (review here) | posh fish&chips

anniversary cards | new mug off my daddio | birthday cards | o.p.i 'OY-another nail polish joke! (review here)

countdown to ibiza! | bobblehead hat | brew and terrys | o.p.i 'suzi's hungary AGAIN!' (review here)

new addition to my bedroom | heart shaped cherry | health-kick summer lunch | me and my child sunbathing

tigs sunbathing | hunger games re-read | old primary tea towel | master photographer

healthy greek-inspired tea | evening summer walk | hogglety gogglety | isla fisher = girl crush
so here is a super-long super-late sunday catch up. i haven't done one for the past two weeks as i was so busy i was unable to get the post up on time - and you can't put a sunday post up on a monday can you!

so in the last two weeks it was my birthday and anniversary with my boyf, and then there was the lovely weather and lots of new goodies to try out. there was also a lot of tasty (but not always healthy!) food along the way as well as a few snotty photography shots.

i'm sorry it was such a long post today - i usually like to keep these posts short and sweet - but there was so much to show you that i crammed it all in, hopefully you don't mind!