Friday, 7 June 2013

the style post | summer heat

shirt - primark | skirt - topshop | sandals - RI

what do we think about the new background? i fancied a change from the pink wallpaper as i thought it was making my pictures turn out really dark because of the shading etc. so went into my dining room to take these!
also, i'm sorry these pictures are blurred and out of focus, i got a new camera recently and am still getting to grips with it. hopefully i'll pick it up soon but technology isn't exactly my best friend!

i wore this outfit yesterday to go shopping and on a little evening walk (if you follow me on instagram sorry for the crayyy-zaaayyyy amount of pictures i put up, i suddenly thought i was a world-class photographer or something - which the pictures on this post show i'm clearly not!)

you can kind of get the gist of this outfit, maybe the blurs give a kind of dreamy effect to them.. or maybe i'll keep telling myself that!

hope you're all well,