Monday, 22 July 2013

the algarve: albufeira 2013

can anyone see the form of a shark in this rock?

i have just come home from a week away in the south of portugal, in the algarve, in a little town/city called albufeira. i went with my dad and sister and in some ways i feel like i was away for a month but in others i feel like i was only gone for a second!

we stayed in a picturesque little villa called 'vila maria' right on the outskirts of albufeira, and were so close to both the sea and the bustling busy town. we did so many things in the week, like go to a nearby waterpark, but my definite highlight of the trip was definitely when we went on a speedboat into the middle of sea and went searching for wild dolphins - we saw so many and they were literally close enough to touch! we also went looking at all of the really old cave formations around the coast and spent a lot of time in the 'old town' which was full of lovely little shops that were packed full of little trinkets and lovely bits and pieces. there was even a sand sculptor working on the street who had made all of the disney characters out of sand - my favourite was pluto! we also headed to two of the many beaches around the coast, one which was called 'fisherman's beach' which was covered in shells and bright orange sand. 

there was so much to see and do that i know there was so much we didn't even come close to seeing, and the algarve - albufeira in particular - was so beautiful and both exciting and relaxing that i really want to go there again. i had seriously one of the best holidays of my life and wish i wasn't home typing this up but was round the pool or on the beach or being a tourist again!

i hope you enjoy looking over my pictures and if you ever fancy or get the chance to go to the algarve, i would recommend it over and over as it was so so beautiful! phew - gush over!

(some of these photos belong to both my sister and father)