Tuesday, 23 July 2013

the style post | clothing-weather problems

sheer cut-middle top - topshop | vest underneath - topshop | shorts - asos

mac - fearne cotton at very (now on sale)
i never know what to wear when the weather is like this - warm with no sun but rain instead. it feels quite muggy and like we should all be wearing summer dresses and be sat outside but the drizzle makes me know that neither of these options are really going to work - boo! as soon as i woke up this morning i felt how humid and warm the air is and i'm beyond upset that the sun hasn't been able to poke through the clouds!

i decided that i needed to wear as little layers and breathable fabric as i could today - one pair of tights, lightweight shorts and a sheer airy top with a thin vest underneath. i can say that i am only a little warm and it isn't TOO bad although of course i would prefer no tights and a lovely little dress but you can't have everything can you!

i also decided to photograph this lovely little mac by fearne cotton for very. i got this in the autumn/early winter of 2012 and wasn't really able to wear it often because of the truly freezing winter we had - but i think it's so perfect for this weather we've got now - light enough to keep cool enough but offering protection from the rain - sadly i won't be leaving the house today as i have all my holiday clothes to wash and iron - interesting life, right?!

i also tried a new hairstyle today - a pony with wraparound fishtail plaits that make a kind-of headband. these pictures don't really show the detail of it so i think i will almost do a tutorial soon to show it off properly!

hope everyone is having a lovely tuesday!