Wednesday, 24 July 2013

the beauty post | herbal essences bee strong strengthening cream

£4.39 - tesco

i went away to the algarve last week [holiday post here if you're interested] and took this herbal essences cream with me to keep my hair in tip-top condition. i used it in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner from the same brand/range but this review will be coming up later! 

the formula is really creamy, and promises to help detangle hair to make it easier to comb, as well as make the hair stronger and silkier.

so basically with this spray you use it after the shower once your hair has been washed and spray the product through damp hair and disperse it through evenly. i always put a little extra through my ends because is generally where my hair is driest and needs more help and nourishment.

i think my hair is quite a normal length, around the boob area, possibly a little longer, and was surprised how much of this product i actually used. i think i used about a third of the bottle in just a week, which is surprising and i thought it would go a lot further than that. however, i was in a hot country and was going in the pool and sea quite often so i hope i just used more because of this and i will use it much more sparingly now that i'm back in britain.

i definitely found this product helped with detangling my hair - i actually never brush my hair and usually just use my fingers to comb it through with conditioner in the shower (is that bad?!) but i found myself having literally no knots at all everytime i went to wash my hair - so it was amazing on that part. i also saw it made my hair really silky and lovely to feel, but i can't really say it helped my ends be any less dry as i always felt a difference between the mid-lengths and ends. i also don't know how much the spray lived up to making my hair stronger - i always found my hair to be in pretty good condition anyway so can't really comment on whether or not this range helps with that aspect.

now my favourite thing about this product: the smell. oh my good lord, does this stuff smell like heaven in a bottle. due to being honey and apricot-scented this stuff smells good enough to eat. i'd say the apricot scent is much more prominent than the honey and i'm actually sat here typing this up smelling the bottle and getting dizzy i'm breathing it in that much! if you're ever walking down the hair care aisles in any shops and spot this spray, i advise you to smell it as it is so good i can't even put it into words!

overall i do quite like this product - it definitely does most of what it says on the tin, and the smell is a personal highlight and favourite for me, but i can't see myself buying this again in the future. i have never found anything that works as well as my hair oil and although these products do work well enough, they will never overtake the oil in my opinion! i will however be purchasing the hair mask from the 'bee strong' range as i really do like this range, but maybe not this spray as much

have you tried this spray or any others from this range?
will you be trying it?