Friday, 26 July 2013

the style post | portuguese bracelets

hamsa and infinity bracelets - similar HERE
so when i went to the algarve last week (how has 5 days gone by since i came home?! time flies!) i didn't really buy much as i'm not really a 'shopper' when i go on holiday - apart from food i can buy food all day all night on holiday! i mainly spent my money on day trips out, such as to see some dolphins and a day at a waterpark. 

however, me and my sister spotted a little stall in a shopping centre called 'sultana' (how cute) that had loads of jewellery, scarves and bags which were all so pretty and i literally wanted to buy everything there! however i finally settled on these two really pretty bracelets, as i personally love the hamsa hand and have always really loved the infinity symbol. if i was ever going to get a tattoo (which will most probably be never!) i'd without a doubt get the infinity symbol as it's really simple and pretty and can mean so many things.

anyway - back to the topic of the actual post! so the hamsa hand was the more expensive of the two, as it has so much detail jam-packed onto it, from the delicately placed jewels to the tiny eye in the middle. i'm not to savvy in the way of what the hamsa symbol means, but i think the general gist is a sign of protection, which i think is really sweet and always a good charm.
the infinity bracelet was a few euros cheaper but is my personal favourite of the two, just because of my inclination to the symbol!

even though mine were from portugal, i had a fish around and found some on ebay, as well as a whole host of others so if you want to get the look, click on the link above!

do you like bracelets like this?
will you be buying any?