Saturday, 27 July 2013

the beauty post | MUA pro-base eye primer

MUA pro-base eye primer - £2.50 - superdrug

for years i never really bothered much with primer on the eyes. i had a sample-size UD primer potion that came with an eyeshadow palette but i always forgot to use it until after i had done my make-up which isn't exactly handy! however, i started remembering to use it a year or so ago and saw such a difference straight away in longevity, colour pay-off and the amount of shadow i used and found myself using it every time i wore shadow, day or night. 

once my UD primer potion had reached it's untimely end i decided to go and have a look at what the high street was offering in terms of eye primers and was pleased when i saw that MUA had brought one out. i have tried quite a few of MUA's products and have been pleasantly pleased with all of them and found them worth the money so bought this primer without a second thought.

the primer itself is a skin-coloured creamy consistency that goes on quite tacky but blends in quickly and easily to leave the skin ready for shadow. i use the doe-foot applicator to dab a small amount onto each lid and then blend it in with my fingers before the next step. i also sometimes smooth some through my eyebrows as i use powder to fill them in and the primer makes it last longer and look sharper.

i find that this primer really intensifies the colour of all of my eyeshadows, making them much sharper and vibrant, which means that i find myself using a lot less product than i would without the primer underneath. 

now onto the most important factor of all in my opinion - longevity and creasing. i was so surprised and pleased to see that the eyeshadow i had applied in the morning was still on my eyes and in the right place 12 hours later - it had definitely lost some of the intensity in the colour and the creases had become quite obvious on the lids but not enough to realise without really trying. plus, i can sometimes suffer from quite oily lids over the day so any make up that makes eyeshadow stay put is in the good books with me!

overall i think this product is well worth the money in every way - although it definitely doesn't live up to more expensive brands such as UD, i think MUA have really created quite a winner with this one. i would definitely recommend you to go try this if you are on the lookout for a new eyeshadow primer, and for only £2.50 it's not a huge loss if the product doesn't work for you!

have you tried this primer? what were your thoughts?