Sunday, 28 July 2013

the lifestyle post | instagram catch up

portuguese bracelets - post HERE | fisherman's beach:the algarve - post HERE
desperados | duty free treat - post coming soon!
fishtail headband - post coming soon! | pudding is my favourite meal | holey tights | OREOS=my life

feels like months and years (bit dramatic) since i last did a catch up post, but i think that's because i have been up to quite a bit over the last few weeks and haven't had time to update my blog with it all!
eg, i went on holiday to algarve (which i have genuinely banged on about for the last few posts and i swear it will stop now! even i'm getting bored of it!) and wrote a whole post of it so if you're interested the link is up there ^^ somewhere! i also got some new perfume from duty free - escada's taj sunset which was a travel exclusive, which i will be writing about sometime next week. 

since i came home i've been pretty darn boring - spending most of my time washing and ironing my holiday clothes - ahh the life of a twenty year old! so in between all of the washing i got pretty bored and decided to try a new hairstyle - which i took a picture of, but the picture isn't too detailed so i think i might take a few photos during and make a tutorial post at some point hopefully! 

in other news i'm going on holiday again this saturday to anglesey so hopefully i will get some snaps to share with you all - although it is a walking holiday so i can't say it will be too glamourous!
hope you have all had a lovely week!