Wednesday, 31 July 2013

the beauty post | escada taj sunset perfume

escada taj sunset 100ml - £49 approx. (duty free)
a few weeks ago i decided i really needed some new perfume - i'm really picky with my perfumes and the only bottle of my favourite of all time perfume (vera wang princess) was fast running out so i needed something to replace it. a couple of years ago my mum got me escada's moonsparkle perfume as a gift and ever since the bottle ran out i've always kept an eye out for it but have never found it since - weep!

i decided to go check the escada shelf anyway to see what else they had to offer instead and fell in love instantly with taj sunset. it was in exactly the same shaped bottle as moonsparkle and i think it has a lot in common with it regarding the smell.

the packaging itself is a yellow bottle which dip-dyes into a dark orange at the bottom. it also had a pretty blossom pattern embossed on the back of the bottle that you can see through the perfume.

the official taj sunset webpage describes the scent as "a sweet and smooth women's perfume with a tropical mango fruit note and velvety coconut cream twist" with top notes of Alphonso mango and blood orange, a middle accord of watery blossom and sweet pomarose which create a raspberry smell, and base notes of coconut cream, sandalwood and musk.

 i'm not actually too pulled up on the whole 'notes' of a perfume but i can say that this fragrance is bob-on for me, it is the perfect summer scent in my eyes and totally worth the price tag. at the duty free shop it was only 12 euros more for the 100ml compared to the 50ml so i decided to treat myself as i hadn't bought much else on the holiday.

i personally love how the fragrance changes over time, as you really get a full smell of all the different notes that are in the bottle. if you are on the lookout for a summery perfume, or just a new one in general, i recommend this one without a second's doubt. it really is the perfect replacement for escada's moonsparkle in my eyes.