Friday, 12 July 2013

the style post | interesting back

dress - topshop (old)

super quick outfit post today as i only got one set of good pictures from it so don't have much to say! 
i got this dress at the end of last summer from topshop in the sale, as i couldn't leave it behind with such a beautiful back! 

the print reminds me of a tablecloth - in the most lovely way! it has red, purple and green checks and then red rose overlay that just reminds me of a little cafe's table covers in italy or something. i particularly love the high neckline as it counteracts the low revealing back detail so there is the perfect amount of skin on show. the back's woven detail is super pretty and flattering, as it pulls you all in. 

however, you have to be really careful with the tan lines from this dress - i've never actually got them but i can imagine them being hilarious for everyone but you!

i'm having to be really smart about what i'm wearing now, as i'm going on holiday this weekend and am almost rationing what clothes i get to wear and if i want to take them on holiday - stressful stuff!

does anyone else wear random/older clothes in the days leading up to their holiday so you save the nicer things for when you actually go?!