Wednesday, 10 July 2013

the beauty post | super easy fishtail plait

we all want super easy but super beautiful hair when we are on holiday or enjoying the sun over summer. i personally hate having my hair down in hot weather - i find it makes me even hotter and it can sometimes make your hair look really greasy - never a good look!

my favourite summer hairdo is a messy, lived-in fishtail plait. they are so easy to do but look like you've made a real effort on your hair, when you have really done it in literally a few minutes or so. minimum effort for maximum output - simple!

1. pull the hair all over to one side and then split evenly in two. grab a small piece of hair from one side.
2. pull this piece of hair over to the over side and pick up another piece from the second side and do the same.
3. continue all the way down the hair.
4. tie in place with an invisible elastic or bobble.

5. i don't really like having a perfect plait so mess it up a bit by teasing the hair around the crown and back of  head. i also pull the sides of the plait away to make it more lived in. the plait will get messier during the day too so will look really lovely!

there are so many tutorials on youtube and blogs on the internet but my personal favourite has to be this video - and not just because it includes lauren conrad and her beautiful head of hair! 

do you have a favourite summer hairdo? have you tried out a fishtail plait?