Wednesday, 11 September 2013

the beauty post | how i fill in my eyebrows

maybelline eyeshadow in 'chocolate chic' - £4.09 - boots | mac 226 brush - gift, part of set

i remember on my first ever proper  post on my blog all the way back in april (here) someone commented on it saying that i had lovely brows. that was the first time anyone had ever said i had nice brows, as i think they are pretty standard, but it's a compliment i have remembered ever since  - so thankyou jo fletcher if you are still around! :-)

i use a basic matte brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows - it used to be a benefit shade which came in one of their box sets that i go last year. however, i had used up all of the other products in the box and didn't want to carry on lugging around a massive box for just one shade. therefore i headed to boots yesterday to find a brown eyeshadow that i could throw in my make up bag which was easier to travel with and pack away. i found this lovely matte brown one in the shade 'chocolate chic' from maybelline and decided that it was pretty much bob-on in terms of what i was looking for. 

i use the standard mac 266 angled brush to run the eyeshadow through my hair and that is literally all i do on my brows. i plucked my eyebrows to literally a tiny strip when i was 12 or so (BIG mistake!) and ever since i have tried religiously to grow them out. i'm actually pretty happy with them as they are now, although they are pretty sparse towards the tails, as i really demolished them in my youth, and that is the place that is taking the longest to grow back in. i don't like my brows looking too unnatural and out of place, so eyeshadow is definitely my go-to thing for brows. 

there definitely isn't a very noticeable difference between the before and after pictures above, but they are much more defined and bold, yet still look very natural. i can safely say that i will NEVER go and do a 12-year-old laura thing and pluck them all off again as i can safely say that i never looked worse!

how do you do your brows? have you ever done a -12-year-old laura?!