Tuesday, 10 September 2013

the style post | for busy days

top - topshop (old) | tube pants - RI | socks - primark | boots - RI via asos

just casually sorting my socks out
leather jacket - dorothy perkins | jacket (just seen) - primark

bourgois green fizz w/ l'oreal confetti topcoat
i really am running out of excuses to wear these boots every day. i used to say i was just wearing them in but with the amount of time they spend on my feet i am most likely wearing them down now! ooops.
anyway, today i am pretty busy and have a few errands to run. i need to nip over to the pharmacy, pick up a new look parcel, and then nip into town and pick up a few bits of makeup. 

i recently made an order at new look (last thursday) and have been sat around like a lemon for the last few days waiting for it to arrive. i don't think i really needed any of the things i ordered but they were all so pretty that i had to! i think it will finally arrive today and i am pretty damn excited to see them all. i also can't wait to nip down to boots. i've recently been using up a lot of my samples (if you follow me on instagram you would have seen the incriminating amount of samples i found. if not, go have a look: laurapratt_ !) and have found so many products that i genuinely love so want to go and buy those. plus, i need a new eyeliner and mascara and want to see what else there is i can spend my money on. i haven't bought any new make up for a while and really want to get some in so i can tell you lovely people about them!

i also recently re-did my nails in my lovely bourgois polish in 'green fizz'. i also added an accent on my ring fingers with the l'oreal confetti top coat in an almost gradient effect and i really love it. sadly the green is starting to chip so i really need to invest in a better topcoat that i use now. 

sadly i won't be able to do any of my errands until this afternoon as my dad's car broke down the other day and he's been using mine ever since so i'm stuck at home until he's finished using it. it's a good job i have my two cats to keep me company or i would be going stir crazy right now! i'm  going to be spending my time wisely until i have the car by doing some work on my dissertation for when i go back to uni. i am so scared to be in my final year and finally writing my dissertation - i remember all the way back in my first year when i thought of writing it and here i am doing it - the last two years have really flown by and i just can't get over that this time next year uni will be finished and i will be out in the big bad world!