Sunday, 8 September 2013

the lifestyle post | sunday instagram catch-up

zebra face in ibiza '13 | short white nails | my new meerkat | homemade veggie chilli, rice and flatbread
my new RI booties | sweet slice of cake | england's best burger | vintage style packaging on my tissues
my boyfriend made me breakfast in bed. it was amazing | samples attack | my cat/child | healthy salad o'clock

it feels so long since i did one of these posts, i almost forgot how to do it! basically, in the time since i did my past catch-up post i went on holiday to ibiza and it was AMAZING. oh my gosh, i don't even know how i survived a week in ibiza but i did and it was brilliant. 
now that i'm home i'm basically just recovering, getting used to normal life and - as these pictures show - eating a LOT of food. oh my god, i can't believe how much food i instagrammed this week - and how much of it was bad for me! all but two of these pictures are unhealthy and i'm surprised i haven't seen an expansion on my belly yet! now i'm back on the healthy-eating wagon for as long as i can as i'm starting to feel a bit sluggish from all the crap i've been eating. 
there was also a picture of my new boots up to see if people thought i should keep them and it was a resounding YES and i have talked about them in every single blog post since, and i promise that this is the last time i shall talk about them, i swear.

i've also been watching a hell of a lot of dexter these past few weeks, i always wanted to watch it and have finally found it online a month or so ago and i have been watching it religiously since. there are so many cliffhangers and twists that i can barely keep up, and i am already on season 5 out of 8 - please never end!! i'm thinking that after i've finished watching it i'm going to start re-watching lost as well. i love love LOVE lost and watched it all a year or so ago but really want to watch it again as well.

anyway - that's my week rounded up, i hope you have all had a really lovely time yourselves! 

ps; i recently reached 100 followers on gfc so a huge thankyou for that! :-)