Friday, 6 September 2013

the style post | any excuse

shirt - asos | skirt - love label

necklace - primark
socks - primark | boots - RI via asos

for the past couple of days i have been planning my outfits around these boots - they are still going strong and i am wearing them literally every day. i think they look so lovely with a dress or skirt, and really work well with cute frilly socks and my legs out. so this is what i came up with today. i was so happy i could finally get my leather skirt out again after it had been sat in my wardrobe all summer - i love how it looks quite edgy what with being leather, but the skater skirt style makes it really feminine and easy to wear as well. i really love how simple and clean this look is, but it still has quite a bit of edginess and looks nicely put together. 

i think i was a bit unrealistic with getting my legs out though - the weather today is hardly screaming for it! i have to nip out later on to do a few bits and bobs outside the house so i think i will have to throw on a pair of tights for that - to save my legs the frostbite they would be likely to pick up! i always love it when autumn comes around as i am much more of an autumn/winter girl than summer. i just think that it is so much easier to look stylish in these seasons than other summer when you are much more likely to be a frizzy sweaty mess! 

what do you think?