Thursday, 5 September 2013

the beauty post | perfect daytime waves

i never usually do anything with my hair during the day - i just let it air dry and that's all. but today i fancied doing something a bit different, mainly because i had time to kill and needed something to do! 

babyliss boutique waves loose waves hair tong - £24.99 - argos

i use my babyliss boutique loose waves tong (HOW LONG?!) to create really lovely natural waves in my hair. i got mine as a gift off my parents last christmas and it really is a bargain at just under £25. it is a same-size tong all the way along the barrel and can go from temperatures from 165-210 degrees, depending on the length/condition/type of hair you have. my hair is pretty strong, long and thick so i use mine at 195, which i don't really like to think about as that is pretty hot and very damaging but i don't use heat on my hair often at all so i guess i can get away with it! there is no clamp on the tong so you have to use your hand which is pretty scary but you do get a glove with the tong which comes in handy! the tong heats up super quickly and you can start straight away, but i would say to be careful where you put this tong, as i accidentally left it on my carpet for a few minutes and it did singe and leave a mark (sorry dad).

i then take varying sizes of strands (for a more natural look) of hair and wrap them around the barrel, holding for around 10 seconds at a time. it can be pretty time-consuming but i think the end effect so is worth it. this is a hairstyle that i usually turn to for nights out when i want to make a bit more of an effort, but i really think you can get away with it during the day as well as it just looks so natural and wavy.

what do you think? which curler/waves tong do you use and recommend?