Wednesday, 4 September 2013

the blogger post | my first time tag

this late-in-the-day post is going to be a tag, as i haven't done one in yonks and have missed doing them! i've seen this tag floating around both blogs and youtube for a while now and have wanted to do it ever since i saw louise from sprinkle of glitter (if you don't know her - HOW?!) do it on her youtube channel. i'm pretty certain that louise was the one who actually made up the tag so well done her!

i was tagged by the lovely holly who writes a blog called petit promise, and i definitely recommend you go check her out as she has such a lovely blog and does such lovely lifestyle posts - plus she saw lady gaga IN THE FLESH so she's right up there! another thankyou again for tagging me in this! so let's get startedddd;;

First Best Friend : 
a boy called luke who lives around the corner from me still! our mums were friends so we ended up being best friends - we even went to the same primary and secondary schools, and then college so we've known each other for literally our whole lives!

First Kiss : 
i'll admit i was a late bloomer when it came to boys - i think i was about 15 when i had my first proper kiss (not just a peck!) with a guy that i had liked for a really long time. it was at a friend's house party and i remember it being actually going ok!

First Concert : 
i was there rocking with s club 7 when i was probably about 7 or 8 with my sister, mum and dad. dad, i apologise for putting you through that, how did you even survive.

First Celebrity Crush : 
oh good god. mine was elijah wood/frodo baggins out of LOTR. i was a huge geek when i was younger and had frodo-everything in my bedroom, including a lifesize poster that i may or may not have kissed occasionally.. kill me now.

First Word : 
i'm pretty sure it was 'dada' and my first and most used saying was 'just one more' because i was a fat baby who liked her food and lots of it!

First Pet : 
a goldfish called esmeralda  i still don't know how she survived - my family was known to forget to feed the fishes for a good week or two so they lived really long to say we were that bad.

First Job : 
working at my dad's newsagents doing things like slotting magazines in the papers and doing paper rounds when i was about 12. i still work there now actually behind the till!

First Phone : 
you can't be a 90s kid if you didn't have a nokia 3310 which you only used to play on snake!

First Tweet : 
i actually didn't tweet anything for months after i got twitter as i didn't use it. then one of my friends robbed my phone and retweeted loads of other people's random tweets instead.

First Make-Up :  
i collected the 'sabrina the teenage witch' magazines that had a whole tub full of make-up to collect. i remember them all being really garish colours, like bright green eyeshadow. i bet i looked a picture..

so there we go!

chanelle from chanelle jade
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alexandra from the a style

and anyone else who wants to have a go! let me know how you get on and thanks again to holly for tagging me!