Tuesday, 3 September 2013

the style post | black leather, cold shoulder

jumper - asos | skirt - love label | necklace - primark

first off, sorry if you noticed i was a little AWOL over the weekend and didn't do my usual sunday post, i went out on saturday night and was too dead on sunday to even move off my sofa never mind get up and write a post! i had a lovely duvet day and watched a few films and tried my hardest to resist the callings my stomach was making for a chinese takeaway. 

but i am back today with another post featuring my lovely blue jumper. this guy is so easy to wear and works well in so many different ways and with different outfits that i really do wish i had as least two of it so i always had one out of the wash! today i just styled it up with my leather skirt (which i wore to DEATH last autumn/winter and will probably do the same this year..) and a lovely little necklace from primark. i just think this outfit is so flattering and really cinches in my waist and is perfect for the crappy weather we're suffering with at the moment - it's crazy that as soon as it turned into september out comes the rain and wind!

i just spent today doing a few bits and bobs and pottering around the house. i really need to nip into town at some point but this weather really isn't making me want to leave the house right now! i might just have to snuggle up on the sofa with another film .. it's a hard life!