Sunday, 22 September 2013

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finally got a graze box! | jazzed up nails: bourjois 1 seconde 'green fizz'/ l'oreal 'confetti' topcoat | sleepy cat | meal out
bottle of despos = life is good | healthy super breakfast | bobble and pinless bun | home baking
looking funky without my eyeliner on

birthday cake for my dad | opi nails | primark bargains | this drink is the one 
watching paranormal activity home alone was a bad decision

another busy few weeks rounded up in a couple of pictures! and a busy few weeks it has been;

 i went out for tea on thursday night with a few girlfriends and we were out for a good 5 hours or so - and only 1 of that was for eating! we were literally the only people left in the restaurant by the end of the night as we had such a good girly gossip and catch up and talked about all sorts - although some of the subject topics were hardly the best to talk about around tea (mainly when we were stroking each other's legs to see how quickly the hair grew back..). please tell me that we're not just a weird bunch and every group of girlfriends find themselves talking about rubbish like that!!

i've also been doing a lot of baking recently, damn you great british bake off for making me this way. (i'm actually sat watching it now as i write this with a brew!) i first made my dad a big strawberry cream cake which tasted alright but we had to throw most of it away as there was too much for just two of us! i then baked a batch of fridge cake the other day. they were basically my take on a rocky road - but with a few different ingredients! i've kept half of them in my fridge and took half to my friend as it is his 21st birthday today and it was my present for him.

i went over to york last night to go out with a huge bunch of friends for his 21st celebrations. we were playing a game called 'pub golf' which is a KILLER of a game! you basically go on a pub crawl and buy a certain drink at each one which you have to down in a number of gulps. i seriously went from drinking cider to vodka to ale (BARF) and then red wine (MEGA BARF) and we can all imagine the state i woke up in this morning. lets just say i was contemplating never leaving the bed again. 

that is basically why this post is going up so later than usual - i seriously got home about 4 hours ago, collapsed on the sofa and didn't move until my chinese takeaway turned up. i've just scoffed that now and am feeling ever so slightly more human!

i'm starting back at uni tomorrow morning at 9 and i gotta say, i'm so excited to finally start my third and final year! just a warning that my posting over the next week or so might be sporadic until i get into a better routine! though i'm sure you won't all mind ;) 

sorry for such a long-winded post, i really do need to stop rambling so much....