Friday, 20 September 2013

the beauty post | maybelline the falsies mascara

today i'll be talking about my current mascara favourite. i first caught wind of the falsies mascara from tanya burr, who raved about it no end and said it was the best mascara she had ever tried - including higher end products. if this isn't enough to tempt you into trying out this mascara then the price might - this only costs £7.99 which i think is amazing for a mascara which works so well!

the brush itself is  lovely - bristled and full and with a slight curve so you can reach almost every last easily. the bristles wrap right around the brush as well so whichever way you find yourself holding it will help coat the lashes. the formula is extremely black and has fibres in it which clings to the lash and helps them look longer and fuller - leading to the false lash effect. i do find that this mascara is much more for lengthening than volumising in my opinion, as the many bristles really help to separate and pull the lashes up and away from the eyes. 

i have this particular mascara in the waterproof version, as my eyes can become pretty watery - especially when it is as windy as it has been recently! in terms of waterproof mascara, this stuff is amazing. it doesn't budge all day - no matter what extreme weather condition i might be in - and only comes off with a make up remover specialised in taking off waterproof mascara. 

overall i do really love this mascara. i can't say that i will repurchase it again and again though, as i never have much love for mascara or one in particular, and just jump from brand to brand trying new ones out. although i do really like this one, i don't feel committed to just using this mascara forever as i do think there will be better ones out there, and i am always on the lookout for other ones to try.

this mascara can be bought for £7.99 from boots here.