Wednesday, 18 September 2013

the beauty post | l'oreal elvive extraordinary oil

i've been a lover of hair oil for a number of years now, as i can see so much of a difference in the condition and feel of my hair dependant on whether i have used it or not. i went for a couple of months this year without using any oil and noticed a lot more split ends, knotting and frizziness which aren't exactly what i'm looking for in terms of hair!

i've been umm-ing and aah-ing about buying the l'oreal elvive hair oil for quite a few months now. i like to stick with what i know and rarely wander from that path - especially in terms of something as important as my hair - and was always on the lookout for the hair oil i used first (the healthy sexy hair argan oil) but i could never find it for a good price with the full-size product. i finally decided to bite the bullet on a whim when having a look around boots and bought this hair oil, and am so glad i did it.

this particular hair oil is enriched with 6 different flower extracts, and promises to perfect the hair in five ways;

" Hair has a glowing shine
Feels intensely nourished
Flows with silky softness
Seems sumptuously smooth
Looks beautifully perfected "

i definitely agree with these five points in terms of my own hair - it is smoothed, nourished, shiny and basically as perfect as my coloured hair can get. i decided to opt for the oil for coloured hair over the normal oil as i have been colouring my hair in some kind of way since i was probably 14 or so, and i think it will have more enriching products in the oil than the normal one so my hair will be in even better condition. i basically just work a pump or two of the oil through my damp ends and leave my hair to dry naturally.

i do have one really huge niggle with this hair oil though - the packaging. i do really love the heavy glass (i think) packaging as it feels really expensive and worth the money, but the pump and lid really annoy me. basically, the pump moves from side to side to open and close the bottle so the idea is that the oil can only come out when you want it to. however, the pump can move so easily from side to side that the chances of spilling oil everywhere are dangerously high. i took this oil to my boyfriend's the other day when i stayed the night and i found the bottle in my bag with the pump open. i was lucky enough to have found it in time and saved my bag and belongings, but it really annoys me. there's also no lid to put over the pump which i think is so weird as it really is necessary with a product like this.

overall, i do really love the actual product. it works wonders on my hair and makes it feel so healthy and nourished with a lovely shine. it also has a really lovely subtle smell that lingers ever so slightly on the hair. i think this bottle will also last so long as there 100ml of product and you don't use crazy amounts every time. i will definitely be repurchasing this product when it eventually runs out, but i really think that l'oreal need to work a little hard on their packaging and figure out a different kind of lid and pump to make it a lot less messy and easier to pack and carry around with you.
this hair oil retails at £9.99 and can be bought from boots here.

do you use a hair oil? have you tried out this one?