Tuesday, 17 September 2013

the style post | it's pleather dahling

quilted black tee - new look | pom pom shorts - asos | boots - RI via asos
 necklace - primark | lips: kate moss for rimmel in '107'

nice boob shot for you, no need to thank me (!)

just a quick post to show off my recent purchase from new look. i ordered a boatload of clothes online the other week and this was the only piece i kept as i didn't really love all of the others. i think it is just such a lovely simple piece that still makes you look like you've made an effort and is pretty perfect for winter. 
the material this tee is made out of is pretty weird - it's almost like a crepey material over the arms and back and then the leather-look front is a soft, slippery material that isn't at all like leather or pleather, but looks like it from a distance. it keeps all of the heat in too - i wore it recently on a shopping trip on a cold rainy day and actually didn't need a coat and only a thin jacket as the top kept me so toasty - perfect for winter!

today i just paired it with my trusty asos shorts and kept everything black so that the textures were centre of attention. today has been a pretty busy day - i woke up early this morning and actually did a workout which for me is crazy - i barely lift a finger if i don't have to. i really want to get fit again though as i used to go to pilates every week before summer but haven't done anything the whole time i've been away from uni. i really want to start toning up again as i felt a massive difference in just a few weeks of doing pilates and really want to get my body back into shape! so far in life i'm pretty lucky that i don't put weight on easily, but i think i might be pushing it now with what i'm eating and how little exercise i do, and could easily start really piling on the pounds if i'm not careful! so healthy eating and exercise are kicking off from now on! (hopefully!!)

anyway i best get off as i am forcing myself to be productive today and go work hard at my dissertation. i really want to be ahead in terms of having a detailed plan for it as i can imagine how quickly uni work is going to start piling up on me as soon as i go back. i really cannot wait to get back into the swing of things and actually have some order to my weeks now as although the summer has been a ball and so much fun, i really really can't be bothered with it anymore! roll on the next few seasons is all i'm going to say.

hope you're having a lovely tuesday!