Friday, 8 November 2013

the style post | new look boyfriend coat

black boyfriend coat - new look - £39.99
 first of all i need to apologise for my naughty absence for the past week or so - i pre-scheduled the past few posts as i knew i'd be crazy-busy with uni work that i wouldn't have time to write in the middle of it all. i haven't been answering any comments and being a good little blogger but i'm back on track now as i have a 3-week break before my next assignment has to be handed in. PHEW!

now let me introduce you to my new baby - i've been after a boyfriend coats for months now and finally settled on this little one from new look. i've had a right search on for the perfect coat and have tried so many on - i first tried this new look coat on in-store and absolutely loved it but didn't end up buying it and have been kicking myself ever since as it's pretty much sold out now (it's only in size 14 online!). 
i then decided to order this lovely little number instead and when it arrived i did really like it and thought it was really pretty and snug but the fur collar really annoyed me and didn't settle with my hair - i looked like a bit of a drag queen really!
so in the end, i decided to go for this one. it wasn't in stock for weeks and weeks so i had to request an email for when it finally came back and it did last week. i do really love it and think it looks lovely with a dress or skirt or pants - pretty much everything!
it's quite bulky on the body but the arms are pretty tight so it still stays feminine - but it can be hard to wear layer under it because of the tight arms. 

i would say to be careful to not get it caught on things aswell - the thread is easy to snag on literally everything (i get stuck to my bracelets ALL the time!). but other than that i love everything about this bad boy.

in other news, i went to see jake bugg last night and it was seriously one of my favourite concerts - it was at the o2 apollo in manchester which is one of my favourite venues as everyone is stood up and it always reminds me of concerts back in the day. i got some pretty good videos and pictures - i put some up on instagram (laurapratt_) - and the entire night had such a good vibe.
jake bugg is such a talented guy - i was shocked at his skills on the guitar at the same time as singing and he seemed really down-to-earth and humble about everything he did. there was no messing around and no unnecessary chat so it was just my cup of tea! i hate when artists tell their life story between every song or are late on stage.
he really was a gentleman to his fans!