Tuesday, 12 November 2013

the beauty post | real techniques powder brush review

brush - £12.99 - boots
today i'll be talking about my new baby, the RT powder brush. i have wanted this brush for a good 6 months or so and finally bought it a few weeks ago. i already have the core collection and was blown away by the quality of these brushes, and you hear so many good reviews on RT that you know you can't really go wrong.

i use the brush to apply my face powder all over the face and down the neck, but i have seen people use it for blusher and bronzer as well so it's really well-rounded for uses.

i wanted this brush as it is so dense and soft that it makes applying my make up both quick and comfortable. it is so huge that i only need to do a few swipes and i'm ready to go. i also sometimes like to stipple my powder onto my skin (mainly over blemishes so the concealer doesn't budge) and the brush does really well at this. i find with some brushes that they can start to irritate the skin after a while as the bristles stick into the skin, but this brush is still soft even with stippling.

i'm yet to give this brush a really deep wash but if it is anything like the core collection it will wash like a dream and i won't lose softness or any of the bristles.

i really do recommend RT for brushes as they are so worth the money and i use at least one or two of mine every day. they are really good quality and i can't see myself using any other brands for a long time now. 

i'm definitely looking at expanding my collection even more now - stippling brush, i have my eye on you!