Friday, 15 November 2013

the style post: topshop playsuit

playsuit - topshop - £48 (i could only find it in blue on the website)
necklace - new look - £7.99

i can't believe that i bought this playsuit a month or so ago and never got round to photographing it! 
i didn't know whether to buy it or not as i fell in love with it but thought it was really expensive at £48. but i asked on instagram and facebook and it was a unanimous yes so i couldn't leave it behind! plus with student discount, it wasn't AS painful handing the money over.

i wore this earlier in the week when i was going to uni. i mainly wear it during the day and dressed down but i have worn it on a couple of nights out as well. it's such an easy-to-wear playsuit that you can dress up or down and it has so much detailing that it really takes minimum styling. i think the cutwork on the top and sleeves is so pretty and is really flattering too - it really pulls me in. the short part is also really lovely - they don't crease easily and usually stay pretty perfect. i have a playsuit from topshop last year which creases really easily so i always make sure they don't now!

i also love that it has pockets - any piece of clothing that has pockets instantly becomes a winner with me - is anyone else the same?!

i just threw on my most recent purchase from new look in terms of this lion necklace. i love how chavvy it is and in your face, it's crazy how a few years ago everyone thought gold chains etc. were really tacky and now they are staple for everyone!

(i got this playsuit from the topshop tall section, but it is also available in regular)