Friday, 22 November 2013

'Mean Girls' gift ideas

Mean Girls is by far one of my favourite and most-watched films. I'm pretty sure I know literally every word and me and my best friend are well known to have conversations of just MG quotes (is that sad?!).

Last week I bought two lovely cushions as presents for my sister and best friend for Christmas. They both have hilarious little MG quotes on them and that got me thinking of what other gifts there are based on MG and if any of them were actually any good. I'm pretty pleased with the ones I've pulled together here and think they'd be lovely little gift ideas for any friends or family members who love the film.

Firstly we have one of the most amazing mugs I've ever seen. I'm considering buying one for my best friend and making her present MG-themed as a hilarious joke. I've actually done that with her before as her last name is Hines so I once bought her lots of things to do with Heinz beans, such as a money pot, a mug, and a baked bean recipe book. I'm still pretty impressed with myself on that one! Anywho - back to the mug. This is such a cute little present and I think it's pretty good money for just over £10. 

We then have the typical 'you can't sit with us' tee. I've seen these floating about the fashion bloggers world, mainly on the likes of Rosie Glow. I think these slogan tees are so fashionable and humourous and I really think I might end up buying one of these - or possibly one of the hat versions instead!

I then found this really lovely phone case for the iphone 4 (I think). I really love this and am trying to hold back from buying it myself! I love the black and white pattern on the back and how it isn't an obvious in-your-face MG slogan. Plus it has one of the best quotes from the film on it too! 

Finally we have this canvas full of all of the MG quotes. I do think that this is a bit of a cheap/tacky looking canvas and I can't really see me putting this up on my wall or buying it for someone else, but I really love how it contains all of my favourite quotes!

Also, I just thought I'd share a picture of the cushions I picked up myself. I got these from a lovely vintage store in Preston and haven't been able to find them online anywhere so sorry about that! 

Are you a fan of 'Mean Girls'? Would you buy any of these?