Tuesday, 26 November 2013

nails inc 'uptown glamour'

Earlier this month I picked up the december issue of Glamour magazine. After reading about (and lusting after) the stunning Katy Perry I wasted no time in grabbing the free Nails Inc. nail polish that came with the mag. They were designed by Kate Spade, a famous designer who makes really lovely, quirky clothes which remind me of a much more stylish Ugly Betty!

There were four different colours in the range but I went for the gorgeous 'uptown glamour'. It's a lot more refined and toned down than I would have expected from Kate Spade but the shade really jumped out at me as it is so lovely.

It reminds me of molten gold - a hybrid of standard nail varnish and glitter. It's basically like glitter polish's older, more glamorous sister! Moving the bottle, the shade changes between a dark, almost brown gold to a super shiny silver. It has tiny flecks of both gold and silver glitter which translate lovely onto the nails. The finish of the polish itself is also really different - it's like a mixture of matte and standard polish and doesn't have a shine, but isn't fully matte.

This is two coats of polish on my nails - but without a bottom or top coat. I didn't use a bottom coat as I had issues the first few times with the polish moving and not setting properly on the bottom coat. I also haven't used a top coat as I think it would ruin the matte-shiny finish the polish has. I know that this is going to cut the lasting time of the polish but the effect is so lovely I don't want to change it!

 I really do love everything about this polish - I think it is so wearable and easy to build up if you prefered to make a bigger statement with it. I can see me wearing this constantly over the christmas period as it really does have a festive feel. I also think it would work really well layered over other colours to give a sheer-glitter top coat. It's also a bargain at £2 for both the magazine and polish!

Have you tried any of the other colours? 
Do you like this one?