Monday, 6 January 2014

the style post | asos sale pick

DRESS - ASOS (sale)

Long time, no see!
I can't believe I last wrote on here in November - now here we are in January 2014 and I'm finally back! I was only meant to take a couple of weeks off to finish up uni work and hand in some assignments, but then I decided to take a little longer off and then it was Christmas and then I went on holiday and now here we are!

I thought today I'd show off one of my recent sale picks from ASOS. I've wanted this dress for literally months - ever since it cam on the site, but for £48 I held back and then finally after Christmas I found it in the sale. Don't you love it when that happens!

I love everything about this dress - but mainly the print. I love a good elephant print and especially this one as it's much less in your face and not very visible unless you really look. The material is seriously lovely too - really soft and light. It's definitely a piece I'll be wearing all year round because it is really easy to layer up and yet lightweight enough for the hotter months.

I've never really got on with the smock dress though - I've always loved it and have ordered so many dresses in the smock style but I never think I can get away with it - I think you have to have a certain body type and I might not really have it with boobs and a butt! But I love this dress so much that I don't really care and I'm definitely keeping it! I think it'll just take a bit of getting used to as I usually wear dresses which are a little more fitted as they flatter my body type more.

I wore it with my favourite bag at the moment - this lovely satchel from ASOS. I've been after a little handy bag for a while now- one that I can take on nights out but also to uni on days when I don't need as much stuff. It's such a lovely coral colour and has two compartments inside, with a zip pocket as well. The only thing I would say is that the clasp needs a bit of work to begin with as I found it really difficult to open for the first few weeks!

So what do you think of my sale dress? Have you bought anything good in the Christmas sales? Let me know!