Friday, 21 February 2014

beauty | Kate Moss for Rimmel '101'

I've never been a fan of nude lips - I always thought that if it's not noticeable, what's the point? However, it's not exactly the norm to wear a deep plum lippy to go food shopping or to work (I work at a small village newsagents where the usual customer is over 40 and they think I've 'made an effort' when I've painted my nails), so I decided to delve into the world of nude lips for the first time.

I headed straight to Rimmel for my nude lipstick, as I already own shade '107' from this range and love it dearly. I've also seen various people talk about this shade, and saying it was worth it so I jumped straight in. 

The shade itself is powder pink with blue undertones, and it goes on smoothly and pigmented - you could easily get full coverage with one swipe. However, I'm pretty bad with my lips and they are constantly in bad condition so I have to really scrub away the dead skin and put some lip balm down before I apply this lipstick. It can settle into lines and become noticeable if you don't prep first.

It has a matte finish on the lips but doesn't feeling drying at all, which is a major hate for me with matte lipsticks! It also smells really lovely, but it doesn't hang around after you've applied it.

Overall I really love this lipstick. I've found myself reaching for it on a daily basis and find it adds just the right amount of colour without being 'too much'. I'm definitely going to have to expand my nude lipstick collection as this product has really got me excited for them!

What do you think?
Do you own this lipstick, or any others from the collection?

These lipsticks retail for £5.49 and can be bought from Boots and Superdrug