Monday, 24 February 2014

style | New Look purchases

So the other day I decided that I really needed to get some clothes for summer. I'm going to London for a few days at the end of May and wanted to get some clothes that will be warm enough to wear even if the weather isn't that nice (it is England after all!). I went online to New Look with the mindset to only put things in my basket that are colourful and summery and not monochrome, which I have a penchant for wearing.

I think we can all clearly say that I failed on that! I bought all black and white which is so frustrating but hey ho, maybe I can paint my nails bright colours instead!

1. White Stripe Pocket Tunic Dress (£19.99); First up I decided to buy this striped tunic. I've seen one similar in Tosphop for around the £27 mark, but thought this one was lovely and I really love the detailing on the pockets. Plus, anything with pockets just makes me love it even more (is this just me?!). I think this will be lovely with a pair of sandals and floppy hat.

2. Black V Neck Strappy Jumpsuit (£22.99); I've been wanting a jumpsuit for a while now, just because I think they are so versatile and can look really lovely on a night out as well as during the day. I love the straps and cinched in waist and think it'll be really flattering. This one is an online exclusive.

3. Black Strappy Midi Dress (£17.99); I've also wanted to delve into the world of midi dresses and think that this one is a pretty simple one to ease me in. I just think it would look lovely with a tan and, again, can be dressed up or down.

4. Leather Look Tunic (£10 down from £22.99); This was definitely a really random buy for me. I just saw it on the model and thought it looked pretty weird, but for £10 I might as well give it a go! I do like this style of dress and think it could look nice on a night out. I'm just worried that it won't actually fit me that well just because I have a big chest!

So these are my most recent orders from New Look that should be arriving any day now. Hopefully they will all look very pretty - and if they do you'll be the first to know with a bunch of outfit posts going up!
I've also got my eye on these gladiator sandals and this lovely maroon hat so might have to make another order soon!

What do you think?