Wednesday, 5 February 2014

beauty | new hair

So I got my hair chopped off!

I've been growing my hair out ever since Year 7 when I have my hair cut into an extremely questionable bob and over the years I've had a few inches off or grown it out a little, but this past year my hair was the longest it's ever been since I was a kid. Last Tuesday I had my hair up in a  ponytail and my hair was at a really lovely length (see this picture on instagram here) and decided to go for the chop. I booked in on Wednesday and by Thursday my hair was all cut off!

I'm definitely not one to think these things through so it was a spur of the moment thing, and I'm so glad I did it. My hair feels so much more healthy and I've gotten rid of a lot of over-dyed hair at the ends. I got it all cut to the same length around the bottom with no layers, as I think it looks a lot nicer than choppy layers. My hair is quite thick though and I have a LOT of it, so it can look quite heavy but that can be sorted out with a few hair products to lift it up. 

I've been having fun finding out how to style it and have started using my GHDs to create loose waves and then spraying it with salt spray. I'm definitely into the more scruffy windswept look, which helps with the weather we're having lately!

I've seen so many people getting their hair chopped off recently and I really am completely on the bandwagon! It's almost as though I've given my hair a spring clean as it was getting so annoying with how long it was - getting caught in literally everything and whipping me in the face all the time!

What do you think?
Would you chop your hair off?

PS; how awkward do I look in these pictures?! I've definitely fallen out of the blogging loop and become so uncomfortable in front of the camera!