Friday, 21 March 2014

style | topshop wishlist

It's come to that time again when I've been finding myself wishing i was a millionaire and could afford everything on this wishlist. Although if I WAS a millionaire, would i even be shopping at Topshop or would this be an 'Alexander McQueen wishlist' instead?

Well anyway let's not beat round the bush and get into the depressingly fun topic of lusting after clothes we all wish we could afford..

First off we have this lovely boyfriend coat in a pale blue/mint colour. How pretty is this coat?! I've been lusting after a pastel coloured coat for months now but shelling out £75 on one when I have dozens of other coats is really holding me back. If only it was from Primark and cost £20 instead!

I also found this gingham dress while looking through the party dresses and cannot help but love it. I'm in love with a-line skirts and dresses at the moment and I love the cutout detailing, neckline and mixed patterns. I think it almost looks like a 21st Century Dorothy and now that I've said it I'm thinking of buying this dress just for the AWESOME fancy dress idea!

Next up I found these two pieces that would actually make a lovely '60s-esque outfit. First off is this lovely mint green textured jumper, with 3/4 length sleeves. I'm currently loving jumpers and tops with these mid-length sleeves because it's the perfect length for the in-between weather we've got at the minute in England! So pretty but I'm not convinced it's worth the £36 price tag.

Another thing that isn't going to be hanging in my wardrobe anytime soon is this STUNNING a-line skirt. It's from the Boutique brand so has an astronomical price tag, but look at how preeedy it is! This is genuinely what I consider the perfect skirt just because of the shape and pattern but alas this love is unrequited as I'd never spend £100 on a skirt!

Finally, in the accessories corner i found these studded nude heels which are actually in the sale with £25 off. They don't seem to look the nicest shade of nude in this picture but on the model they look much nicer! I've always loved studded heels and think these have just the right amount to look understated and pretty.

And then i found these little earrings which have mint and pale pink details within the diamonds (fake!). This drop-down style of earring is what I personally love just because I think they look really elegant and the colours on this pair is are so on trend.

So there we go, another wishlist that makes me wish for a bigger bank account as well!
Do you like any of my choices? Have you been lusting after it all as well?

Let me know what you think!