Tuesday, 9 September 2014

beauty | the Body Shop all-in-one BB cream

The Body Shop BB cream has taken the blogger world by storm - along with the Insta Blur primer. I decided to get this at Duty Free on my way home from my holiday - I'd run out of my trusty Garnier BB cream and wanted to try out something new.

This BB cream is a colour-adapting one; it goes on white and adapts to the colour of your skin - which is all well and good but I sometimes think it's just a bit of a plug and isn't really necessary.

I got mine in the shade 01 - the second lightest in the range (I'm pretty certain there's only four shades in the collection which is pretty small so it's a definite downside!). When it comes out of the tube, the substance is a white cream with little beads of colour through it - you can see it in the picture above.

When blended into the skin, it disappears to a sheer coverage and adds just a tint of colour. On the pictures above there seems to be an orange tinge but this really isn't noticeable on the skin in real life.

I just dot the product around my face and then blend it in using my fingers. It's quite a gritty texture as you blend it in - it's probably the small beads of colour that I explained before. From the pictures above you can see that the BB cream evens out my skin and gives a lovely amount of coverage. It's really light on the skin though and dries so quickly.

However, I would say that you definitely need to powder using this BB cream - or at least I do - as it seems to make my skin quite shiny and a little too luminescent. But I powder every day anyway so this is no fuss for me!

Overall, I do really like this BB cream. Although it's got a few downsides - such as the shiny-ness and it has quite a weird smell - I love the way it applies and the coverage it gives me.

Have you tried this BB cream? What do you think?