Friday, 24 October 2014

style | the perfect striped dress

Let me introduce you to my perfect dress. I've been on the hunt for a striped t shirt dress for what feels like years now - and I've finally found it at Zara! I got it a couple of weeks ago from the cotton range in Zara, so it's super soft and comfy to wear. It was only £15.99 as well which I think is so good for such a staple piece. The only thing I would say is to really stick to the washing instructions - I washed mine a liiiitle higher than it told me to and it shrunk a little! Thankfully I got it in a size medium so it still looks alright a bit tighter.

Also, I have pretty big boobs and a butt so this style of dress doesn't sit quite as nicely as it should - A line dresses are so perfect for people with up-and-down figures but are a little harder to pull off in curves because they can cling to them but I think it's just manageable in this dress!

I wore it with my trusty Fearne Cotton mac which I got a few years ago - when I first got this coat I never wore it just because nothing I owned went with it. But over the past few years, my style's become a bit more classic and grown up so I think it works much better now! I think it makes this dress look pretty Parisian - tres chic, oui?