Tuesday, 21 October 2014

life | simple homemade mini pizza

Today I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite recipes - that's ridiculously quick and simple.

Pizza is one of my favourite types of food - it's literally one of my basic food groups and something I'll always order at restaurants if I get the chance! But they aren't the most healthy of meals so I decided to mix it up a little and make a mini healthy-ish version to share with you lot.

You'll need..
- a pizza base
- tomato puree
- mozzarella cheese
- your chosen toppings

What to do..
1) Start by putting your oven to 200 degrees (fan) and put some foil down on an oven tray. 
2) Next, put your pizza base down. You can use any old base but I wanted a healthier option - I found some Warburton brown sandwich pittas which are the perfect size. I think Warburton's sandwich thins or just a wholemeal wrap can also work
3) Pop on some tomato puree and then some little cubes of mozzarella cheese.
4) Then go ahead and put on your toppings that need to be cooked. For me, that's prosciutto ham. Make sure your ingredients are cooked beforehand because they'll only be warmed up in the oven.
5) Bang it in the oven until it's gone brown around the edges and the cheese has melted a little. It'll only take ten minutes or so.
6) If you fancy, you can put more ingredients on the pizza once it's out of the oven. I added a heap of fresh rocket and then some parmesan shavings, and then a final sprinkle of pepper.

And then tuck in! This is such a lovely and quick meal that'll keep you nicely filled up for lunch. You can even put a few vegetables on the side and have it for dinner as well, so it's good for all occasions - and you can change the toppings up so it never gets boring!

Let me know if you have a go at making this, and what toppings you'd choose to have yourself!