Friday, 3 October 2014

style | MATALAN

Toshop Joni jeans
Topshop Brighton boots
Michael Kors watch
Miss Selfridge necklace

Wow that's a lot of pictures! 

So the other day I went out for lunch with my mum, and we decided to have a little look around Matalan on our way home. But what started as a little look around turned into a full hour and a half trying on what felt like the entire store.

In the end, I came away with these three items of clothes. Let's start with the boxy sky blue tee - which I ADORE. It's made out of a crepe-y material that just flows really nicely on the body. It's got jersey material around the neckline and a little zip down the back - but the thing I love most is the colour. This purple-blue colour is fast becoming my favourite shade - and I think it's one that can be worn all year round.

Next up is the red comfy jumper - it's got quite a fitted body and really long sleeves which I love - I'm always pulling jumpers down over my hands and this one is already the perfect length! I also love all the detailing on it, and all the knitwork that's gone into the design. It's such a lovely texture too - not scratchy at all which is one of my biggest peeves with jumpers.

And finally onto the main part of this post; the coat to beat all coats.
I've been after a beautiful pale blue coat for months now - and walking into Matalan this was the first thing I saw: FATE. It looks like grey, purple and blue in different lights which I think is really nice, and I love how it's lined as well. There are so many coats on the market for double the price which aren't lined so this is such good quality for me. Plus it's actually on offer on the website at the minute for just £30 (!!!) so I'd snap it up quickly!

Overall I'm super happy with my recent trip to Matalan!
Have you been there recently?