Wednesday, 1 October 2014

beauty | The Body Shop Vitamin E collection minis

I remember the first thing I ever got from The Body Shop. It was a little gift set of the Vitamin E collection, including the cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I was about 13 and had no idea what any of the products were actually meant to do - but I used them anyway and fell in love. They left my skin soft and smooth and I was very impressed! Can you believe it - a full skincare routine by accident at 13!

But of course things change and I started changing up what I use and getting lazier and eight years later I hadn't touched the Vitamin E collection. But a couple of weeks ago my skin started getting really dry - imagine cracked, flaky the entire ugly thing - and I decided I needed something pretty hardcore to combat it - but not something that's going to clog up my skin and make even more problems with spots.

The Body Shop is always really gentle on my skin so I decided to go back to the old school and check out the Vitamin E collection again. 

Walking in, I found this cute little set of minis - which had all the bits I wanted as well as a night cream. It all came in this cute bag for only £10 - which I think is an amazing bargain. With each product coming in at just £2.50 (60ml of cleanser and toner, and 15ml of both moisture creams), you really can't go wrong.

In terms of the product itself, each one does a lovely job on my skin. Each one's got a nice unobvious scent and used together they make my skin as soft as I remember. I use the cleanser, toner and moisturiser every morning and then put the night cream on before bed, The night cream is pretty thick though so I put it on a couple of hours before bed so it has time to sink in and not clog my pores.

Overall I think this kit is perfect for either travelling or if you want to give the Vitamin E range a try before buying the full-sized products, I highly recommend this range from the Body Shop because of how gentle it is on the skin, and because it personally works wonders for me.

Have you tried this range before?